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We are Zaokret

The association was founded in February 1997. Our desire was to provide a range of cultural opportunities through whose actions primarily young people, but also all others who want it, could express themselves. Our goal was to gather as many artists, citizens, children and youth as possible in order to promote culture, art and the inevitable environmental awareness.

The Zaokret Association encourages cooperation between different cultural activities; musical stage, audiovisual and others with the aim of creating new, interdisciplinary areas of art.

From its foundation until today, the association Zaokret has been the host of the event or as a co-organizer/partner has participated in the design and implementation of projects in cooperation with the Municipality of Murter Kornati and several associations. Some of the partners (primarily the Association of Argonauts, Latin Sail, Murter Carnival) is actively cooperating in the implementation of joint social programs. The association also organizes its own projects in which include OMK and numerous other associations, including partners in the Social Center Jedro project.

These projects include:

  • Free Music Festival (2009-...)
  • Rock Olympics Festival (1997 and 2008)
  • Two editions of the promo compilation of island bands "Best from Isola del Morte"
  • Art exhibitions
  • Summer art colonies
  • Scene "Escape to Egypt"
  • Musical "Selfish Giant"
  • Dance performances
  • Recreation for adults
  • Environmental actions mainly implemented in cooperation with the Green Action
  • Concert guest appearances by rock bands and classical music performers
  • Organizing a series of concerts and events independently or in collaboration with partners
  • These projects are mostly financed by the Municipality of Murter Kornati.

All of these projects have contributed to the creation of additional leisure facilities for local people, encouraged public awareness, civic activism, social and environmental responsibility and care for the public good, encouraged cross-sectoral cooperation, and developed participatory management of public spaces and other resources.

We participate in the promotion of cultural diversity and cultural heritage, the promotion of intercultural dialogue and inclusion, and the restoration and protection of cultural and natural heritage. We support the work of associations that promote environmental awareness and sustainable development and advocate the implementation of positive changes in environmental protection and improving the quality of lifestyle.

We are connected in partnership with seven associations through the JEDRO (sail) project, within which we organize monthly activities.

Calendar of planned activities: https://jedro.eu/godisnji-kalendar-aktivnosti-drustvenog-centra-jedro/

Community center JEDRO - http://jedro.eu/


Municipality of Murter-Kornati and the European Social Fund

Municipality of Murter-Kornati (OMK) (1999), has 14 employees, and the leadership consists of young, highly educated people with experience in the civil sector and cross-sectoral cooperation in culture, implementation of 50+ projects of similar value and purpose and budget Kn) for financing and sustainability of activities and programs.

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