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Our Association, with the help of an old acquaintance Diogenes, who allowed us to try to find the bright spot of a crucified world, united all the riches of the diversity of our place through an interdisciplinary approach to traditional-modern life. Fishing, networking, folklore, and church choir are networked by gathering, developing, promoting, acting, promoting, participating, and collaborating in music, art, drama-dance, recreational, and published expression.

Some of the programs we have realized are three art exhibitions, summer art colonies, stage show Escape to Egypt, musical Selfish Giant, dance points, recreation for adults, environmental actions, many of which were made in collaboration with the Green Action, rock concerts a group and performers of classical music, two Rock Olympics, the release of a promo-compilation of island bands and assistance in organizing any major event in the place.

Music activities

The enthusiasm of the members of the association is most visible in the musical activities that include several concerts a year, music workshops and the Festival of Free Music, and along their own musical expression, promote and work to preserve the folk singing heritage of our region.


Performing activities

Encouraging children, young people, and the elderly to express themselves through acting, creative writing, and scenographic workshops that complement the social life of the local community and encourage engagement and cooperation.


Visual activities

Organization of exhibitions, art workshops and art colonies aimed at spreading and promoting all kinds of art, sculpture, painting and new media art.


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